A FORMER milkman-turned-street artist has been delivering Brexit-themed milk bottles to homes across Reading.

The misshapen milk bottles with coloured lids started appearing outside people's front doors at the weekend – but only the ones at number 34.

The man responsible is the anonymous artist known only by his Twitter handle – @Athirty4 – who previously made headlines in Oxfordshire when he added 'Middle Earth' and 'Gotham' to road signs on the dual carriageway that runs through Newbury and up to Oxfordshire.

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Now he has hand-made 170 bottles out of plaster of Paris in all different shapes with different coloured caps.

He said: "My plaster of Paris milk bottles are a metaphor for Brexit – the type of Brexit that may happen: skimmed, semi-skimmed, full fat, or none at all. These are the options."

Alongside each bottle is a card with a 'message of hope' that says whatever the outcome of Brexit, the nation should be 'united'.

Reading Chronicle:

The artist has so far delivered more than 100 milk bottles in his 'Brexit delivery round' across Reading and Oxfordshire.

This has included bottles delivered across Reading in Baker Street, Russell Street, and Howard Street among others.

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Athirty4 said: “The Brexit idea dropped into my head when I noticed the different coloured bottle tops on supermarket milk bottles – green, blue, red, and the gold colour."

He added: "My milk bottles all take on a different shape because nobody actually know what form Brexit will actually take - that’s if it ever happens.

"Each bottle comes with a card that carries a message of hope for the citizens of this country, who have become divided over the issue of Brexit.

"And my message is a reminder that we have to start to unify once again in order to take our nation upwards and onwards, both culturally and economically, because the whole Brexit issue is just one small chapter in the story of our shared history, and we can only write the next page if we live and work in unity."

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The artist started the project back in March this year when he began to experiment with plaster of Paris and plans to make more as the project is ongoing.

The plan is to continue delivering the milk bottles throughout December and the artist said up to the day of Brexit 'if it ever happens'.

He added: "Whether we remain in or out of the EU, I want people to think about how the UK has overcome many adverse challenges in our recent history.

"And through a collective effort and belief, we'll overcome any hurdles that Brexit, or no Brexit, may throw at our divided nation. In a nutshell, we're a nation that needs to coalesce again, and not remain fractured over the issue of Brexit."