A READING mother has praised the Royal Berkshire Hospital for the care they provided to her twins, who were born in rare and high-risk circumstances.

Naomi Mason gave birth to twins Freya and Elenie in late October, but their birth was not simple.

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"We found out at 10 weeks we were having twins," said Naomi.

"It was a big shock - we were informed that it would be a high risk and we would be seen by consultants.

"At week 11, we met the consultant who gave us the hard facts: the twins were MCMA (mono chronic mono amniotic), which means they share a placenta and a sack.

"There is a one in ten thousand chance of this happening."

Naomi and her partner were informed that there was a high chance that Naomi may not carry my twins for long, with a higher chance of the pregnancy ending in miscarriage.

She spent the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in and out of hospital with severe morning sickness.

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"For the last five weeks of the pregnancy I was in hospital for bed rest and constant monitoring," said Naomi.

"The consultant I had at the Berks was a huge support to me.

"She became a friend on this journey, always informing me and explaining medical terms and reassuring me she was with me on this hard path.

"She laughed with me and took extra time to scan my girls and took some amazing pictures.

"I think she enjoyed being apart of this."

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On October 24, Naomi's twin baby girls were born at 4lb 5oz (Freya) and 3lb 7oz.

She has since praised the work of those at the hospital, and plans to raise money for the Buscot ward.

She said: "The team on Buscot ward took over care, and my girls thrived.

"Originally we were told they would be there for eight weeks, but they were discharged just before three!

"Every nurse, every care assistant and every consultant on that ward was amazing.

"They talked to me, taught me how to care for them and gave advice.

"Those were the hardest days.

"The incubators, the machines for breathing, not being able to hold them.

"But I was kept updated on everything - they were in the best hands and they beat all the odds, because of the care they received in and out of the womb."

"Freya now weighs 6lb 8oz and Elenie 5lb 6oz. They are 5 weeks old!"