Reading’s very own pop star, Marianne Faithfull, sang her hit song “As Tears Go By” at a charity gala in 1966, in aid of a local holiday find for the elderly.

The former St Joseph’s Covent pupil captivated the 900 guests with a 20-minute performance before the showing of a new film “The Sandwich Man”, starring Michael Bentine, Diana Dors and Terry Thomas.

The gala evening show also included actor Robert Morley and Francesca Annis, who described her short but nonetheless, eventful career in films and television.

A 1,000-signature petition was handed to Berkshire County Council 53 years ago asking for traffic lights to be installed at a busy crossroads in Streatley village.

Leading the road safety campaign was Mrs Ken Cundell (the Chronicle did not give her first name), wife of the well-known horse racing trainer from Compton.

She explained:” The dangerous nature of this crossing has been exacerbated recently by the building of the M4 motorway, the traffic along this road is frightening, even going out to post a letter is a hazard.”

Burghfield Common residents were facing a rent increase as the local rural district council wrestled with a revenue deficit of £40,000 in 1966.

A number of new flats in Hunters Hill- which had been the subject of many objections- had gone over budget during their construction, pricing many tenants out of the market.

A report from the council outlined that each dwelling had cost £3,000, even though the land (which would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds) was free to the council.

The Royal Navy’s finest cooks were stirring the mixture for their Christmas puddings in 1966 when HMS Dauntless in Burghfield posed for a Chronicle photo.

The Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) establishment had previously been inspected by Captain Seager-Thomas, of Lee-on-Solent, who was then available to help stir the giant-sized mixture.

Hurst Youth Club welcomed television and film actor Mitzi Rogers to “sit in the hot seat” and answer questions about her career at one of their meetings.

Miss Rogers, well known for her portrayal of Jean Jones in the BBC serial “United” and as a principal actor in “Doctor Finlay’s Casebook.”

The questions from the club’s members were surprisingly searching, and during her replies Mitzi told the youngsters that it was a myth that an actress only needs to be good looking, rather it was “hard work and patience” that was essential.

The Englefield Estate, near Theale, hosted a demonstration of ploughing equipment entitled “The meaning of power” in the autumn of 1966.

On display, was a collection of tractors and cultivating equipment, which also performed their tasked in front of an invited crowd of local farmers.

The most interesting machine to perform was the Hungarian “Dutra” four-wheeled tractor, which could pull a five-furrow plough behind it, which was a novelty to most of the watching farmers.