WHO are the candidates standing in the general election for Newbury?

Three of the five candidates agreed to take time out of their campaigning for an interview.

The interviews cover each candidate’s background, motivations, and policies.

Click on each of the candidates' names below to read the full interviews:

Lee Dillon, the Liberal Democrat candidate, said he has ‘the most experience’, but is still young and full of energy.

Steve Masters, the Green candidate, said climate change is ‘an existential crisis’.

James Wilder, the Labour candidate, said as a teacher he has seen first-hand the effect of austerity cuts on education.

Laura Farris, the Conservative candidate, and Ben Holden-Crowther, independent, were both asked for interviews — but neither offered times when they were available.

All five candidates will be questioned by the public this evening (November 28) at a hustings in Newbury, at St Bartholemew’s School at 7.30pm.