VEGETABLE patches have been set aside by a town council to help feed the homeless.

Woodley Town Council, working alongside the Reading Road Allotment Tenant's Association, have been busy growing produce throughout the year in three designated allotments.

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Both the council and the association have allocated three overgrown community plots for local homelessness charity Launchpad, to use with its volunteers and to supply fresh fruit and vegetables to vulnerable families using food banks, soup kitchens and community fridges.

Speaking on behalf of Launchpad, Jason McMahon, from Woodley, said: "This is a great way to bring the charity together with local businesses, Woodley Town Council and the community to supply healthy fresh produce to those struggling in our area and accessing food parcels or soup kitchens at homeless shelters.

"I am very proud of everyone involved in making this happen, creating a fantastic project that has grown into an all year-round service.”

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Reading Road Tenant's Association committee member Carolyn Davies said she was "delighted that the plots have been so well cultivated."

She added: “I would just like to say how proud I am of what we have achieved in a relatively short time on the Launchpad plots.”

Since the initiative began last October, many tenants have volunteered to help out the Launchpad volunteers, either by joining in on volunteer days by watering and seeding plants, as well as providing tools seeds, seedlings and other equipment.