A CORONER has commended a woman who spent 10 YEARS trying to discover what had happened to her RAF sergeant sister, whose skeletal remains were discovered at the bottom of a Majorca mountain.

Although the woman told the coroner she was grateful her sister had been found, she said her mind was still not at rest as she had no idea how she had died.

Jacqueline Tennant, from Lower Earley in Reading, had fallen to her death, the coroner confirmed today, after going hiking in the Tramuntana mountains during a day off work on October 9, 2007.

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When the 45-year-old spinster failed to return that day, her sister Monique Tennant began her own person Odyssey of family loyalty as she flew out to look for Jacqueline, the coroner had heard.

Over the next eight years, Monique trekked alongside volunteers in the Majorcan mountains, combing through the walking trails in an attempt to find Jacqueline, an inquest heard.

The inquest was told how Monique had personally interrogated staff from the First Choice holiday firm in C’an Picafort, a beach resort on the island’s east coast, where her sister had worked, and made requests for Scotland Yard to investigate their alibis.

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Jacqueline Tennant's skeleton remains were found next to a backpack, watch and phone belonging to her and with her ID documents, on August 24, 2015, between the town of Lluc and Pollenca in the north of the island.

Today, the inquest into Ms Tennant's death finally concluded with the coroner ruling she had accidentally fallen head-first down the treacherous mountainous region, suffering fractures to her skull, arm, foot and multiple other areas of her body.

Speaking at the inquest, Monique said: “Every time I went out there, I thought I would find her so I am grateful that she did not suffer. According to the pathologist it would have been swift.”

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Recalling visiting the scene, she added: “The area that the remains were found was uncharted territory as far as I was concerned.

"Even the police officers wanted to stop and ask if I wanted to go any further because it was treacherous. We came away with cuts and bruises.”

In August 2015 Monique had been contacted by police in Croydon who told her a doctor in Majorca had found remains while out walking.

Speaking of her interactions with the authorities involved in the search, Monique said: “There was not as much help as I would have liked. Maybe it would not have taken me 10 years later, but I am so grateful for any help I had along the way. Although I was suspicious of this doctor, I was so grateful that he came across her because many people are lost and their family never find them.

“The question of how she died is still there.”

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Ms Tennant, who was single, had been intending to return to the RAF, where she was a sergeant and a place was waiting for her, her sister said, but she was on a gap year or sabbatical because she wanted to learn more about swimming and diving while she taught children.

Monique, of Kenley, South London, was praised by assistant coroner for Surrey, Jessica Russell-Mitra, for her efforts to find her sister.