Throughout the winter, council front-line social care teams are working to look after Reading's vulnerable adults, whether that's at home or in residential care.

Rebecca McCready is a care co-ordinator who assesses and reviews an individual's care needs, and Rebecca Hancock is one of around 65 carers in the Community Reablement Team, supporting individuals in their homes.

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They explain what they'll be doing to care for residents this Christmas.

Ms McCready described a typical day as being 'very varied'.

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She said: "We care for adults over the age of 18, including older people, people with physical or learning disabilities, and mental health service users.

"Everyone has completely different needs."

Ms Hancock said: "We support individuals in lots of ways, from washing and dressing, to everyday tasks in the home.

"We sometimes take them out for a walk to increase their confidence to get out of the house, such as helping them learn a route to the supermarket.

"It's important to build trust with people and it’s vital for the same few carers to visit an individual, rather than a different carer every time."

Speaking about the festive time of year, Ms McCready said: "Christmas is a lonely time for some, and not so lonely for others who see their family.

"It can be quieter for us if people are with their loved ones.

"We assess our individuals in the run up to Christmas to make sure everything is in place for them, that they’ve got enough food and emergency contacts in place for example."

The council are reminding residents to keep an eye out for elderly or vulnerable neighbours this winter.

Anyone worried about someone is advised to contact the council on 0118 937 3747 or 01344 786 543 for out-of-hours emergencies only.

The Age UK helpline can be reached on 0800 678 1174 (8am-7pm every day).