A TWEET calling Boris Johnson, the prime minister, a ‘colossal gobsh*te’ was shared by West Berkshire Council’s account. 

Mr Johnson had tweeted thanking people who had supported Children in Need, which aired on Friday, November 15. 

He said: “This great cause represents much of what makes Britain special.” 

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In a response which was retweeted by the council, Jason Spacey said: “They’ll raise a fraction of what you’ve just spa**ed up the wall on Brexit preparations, you colossal gobsh*te.” 

The council later removed the retweet, and said: “It appears this was shared in error, and has now been removed.

“During the general election period, we do not share content from or about politicians or political parties. We’re sorry for any confusion caused by this.” 

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Martin Dunscombe, a council spokesman, said: “On Saturday afternoon, an inappropriate comment was retweeted in error from our corporate Twitter account. The comment does not reflect the views of West Berkshire Council, and should not have been shared.

“We’re sorry for any confusion or offence this caused. The mistake was made inadvertently by a member of staff who was still signed into the corporate account following an event earlier in the month.

“We will be reviewing what happened in order to take appropriate steps to ensure, so far as possible, that it doesn’t happen again.”