COMEDIAN and actor Russell Brand paid a visit to the town last week, where he spoke to students about addiction and his own experience with drugs.

As part of the visit he also revealed the three things he thinks Reading is known for, not just including the town's music festival.

It comes as part of the University of Reading's 'Be a Mate' campaign last week, and concluded with a chat by the well-known activist.

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Speaking in a video before the event, posted to the university's social media platforms, Russel Brand said he will be talking about "alcohol and ways that we can find real connections in a time of meaningless and loss."

He added: "It's a funny show about spirituality and the way to deal with the feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, alienation.

"Your alcohol awareness week I understand has some key messaging."

He then joked that during his visit he would learn more about the town. 

He said all he currently knows of Reading relates to the festival, Oscar Wilde, and one particular chant of Reading FC fans which had to be bleeped out in the subtitles.

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Posting the clip to Facebook, the university said: 'Our Be A Mate campaign about alcohol awareness has been running all week, but we've got this message from someone who talks openly about their personal experience with the dangers of addiction and abuse.'

Warning: This clip contains offensive language