THERE will be no remain alliance between the Liberal Democrats and the Green party in Newbury in the general election.

Across the UK, the Greens, Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru have agreed in dozens of constituencies to stand just one pro-remain candidate. The cooperation aims to increase the chances of beating pro-leave candidates. 

But in the Newbury constituency, the Greens and Lib Dems will both stand candidates in the general election, on December 12 — Steve Masters and Lee Dillon, respectively. 

A statement by the West Berks Green party said: “Locally, Green councillors have an excellent working relationship with their Lib Dem counterparts. We hope and expect this to continue, whatever the result of the general election.

“However, we have our differences and it is right that in a democracy, people should have the opportunity to choose between the policies each party has to offer.”

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Mr Dillon said: “The elections in May and June just this year showed we have the support to take on the Conservatives here in the Newbury constituency.

“Having the backing of independent groups like Best for Britain and BerkshireForEurope, which back voting Liberal Democrat here in Newbury, shows we are the strongest voice for remainers and those that want to stop the madness of Brexit.”

A key difference between the two parties is that while the Lib Dems would revoke Article 50—cancelling Brexit—while the Greens are campaigning for a second referendum.

Elsewhere, the Lib Dems advocate a target of 2045 for the UK to become carbon neutral, while the Greens are calling for a target of 2030. 

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Mr Dillon said: “This constituency has always seen the benefits of being in Europe and voted to remain in 2016. From being out talking to people every day during this campaign, I have seen middle-of-the-road Conservatives telling me they don’t want a Boris government.

“I respect both the opposition candidates and their supporters, and this election will be about more than Brexit. That is why I hope that our commitments to invest £11b into mental health, recruit 20,000 teachers, and make our country carbon neutral by 2045 will give them a positive reason to back me as the strongest challenger to the Conservatives.”  

The statement from the Greens said: “In Steve Masters, we have a candidate who has driven the climate change debate in West Berkshire, forcing it up the agenda, leading to the declaration of a climate change emergency. 

“The Greens are the one party that has consistently supported a People’s Vote as the way out of the Brexit deadlock. Unlike in 2016, we now have the full picture of what Brexit entails. So it is only right to give people the final say.”