READING has been named one of the best 'cities' to live and work in the UK, a new report reveals.

The town has placed second in the UK for growth, narrowly behind Oxford, in PwC Good Growth for Cities 2019 index.

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The report measures the performance of the UK's largest cities against 10 indicators that the public think are the most important when it comes to economic wellbeing.

These includes factors such as jobs, income, skills and health, housing, transport, income distribution, work-life balance, business start-ups and the environment.

Good growth means increasing profits which can be used to expand businesses and hire more employees, which creates wealth for individuals.

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The report also looks at life for the people living in the assessed towns and cities.

Figures reveal that Reading performs better than average on jobs, health, new businesses, owner occupation, skills (16-24), income, skills (25+) and the environment.

However, the town performs lower than average on income distribution, work-life-balance, house price to earnings and transport.

Southampton came in third on the highest ranking cities followed by Bristol.