What happened to bus shelter?

Can anyone explain why the bus shelter with it’s seats was removed from the bus stop outside the old people’s home in Christchurch Gardens? It is uncomfortable for someone like me who has arthritis of the knee to stand while waiting for a bus.

Furthermore, the residents of Christchurch Court,like the old people’s homes, who are frail will find it an adversity to have nowhere to sit while waiting for a bus.

Will the Labour councillors who always claims to champion the underdog, in society, have the bus bus shelter with seats restored as soon as possible?

Many people will be grateful for their effort.

James Wilson, address withheld

Saving the Gaol

How have we come to this - the ”For Sale” notice stands outside the gates of the Gaol. Reading Abbey and Reading Gaol are iconic buildings within Reading not only for local people, but also for the wider population in England and beyond. Their stories are the stories of pivotal periods and themes of our history. The Berkshire Archaeological Society has a long tradition of connection with exploring the development of these buildings:a previous chair, Dr Cecil Slade, excavated within the Abbey confines and later wrote a masterful introduction to Reading and it’s Abbey.

The Berkshire Archaeological Society welcomes the interest and substantial work shown by the articles published in the British Archaeology (July/August issue) and shares the frustration that the report of the archaeological excavation carried out in 2016-2017 has still not been put into the public domain. The excavation, commissioned by HM Prisons & Probation Service in 2016 and conducted within the confines of the Gaol, is extremely pertinent to the story of Reading Abbey. Societies like ours and the national Council for British Archaeology are fundamentally concerned with education about and protection of the heritage which is for everyone and needs to be accessible to everyone. In that spirit the Berkshire Archaeological Society strongly supports the campaign the save Reading Gaol to be used for the arts and heritage by the community: having a cultural centre like this in Reading will both enhance the stature of the town but also make it attractive to those wanting to move to the area. We urge all your readers to raise this issue with your RBC Councillors.

Alison McQuitty, address withheld