POLICE have been given extra powers to tell people to leave an area if they think they will cause disruption with fireworks during Bonfire Night. 

Thames Valley Police in Reading has put a Dispersal Order in place which will cover Tilehurst. 

The order gives police powers to order a person to leave an area immediately and not return for 48 hours if they think they are likely to commit anti-social behaviour.

It comes after several reports of fireworks being misused in Tilehurst during the Halloween period, with it being compared to 'The Purge' and a nightmare for residents. 

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Anyone told to leave an area by a police officer will be given a written notice explaining why they have been told to leave and the time period for when they cannot return to that area.

Police even have powers to arrest someone if they return during that time period.

Residents will expect to see more police officers patrolling the streets of Tilehurst and enforcing the order if someone behaves in an anti-social manner.

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A spokesman said: "Anti-social behaviour and the inappropriate use of fireworks will not be tolerated and those involved in this sort of behaviour can expect to face criminal proceedings."