THE village hall in Bradfield could be knocked down and a new one built in its place, depending on a vote next week. 

The hall, built in 1951, has had more than £45,000 spent on repairs since 2009. 

The trustees of the hall said that it is too small, as the population of the parish has grown since it was first built. 

Quentin Webb, former district councillor, said: “The village community has been very concerned that the new hall should be designed and sighted in the best position.”

Mr Webb called in the application for the eastern area planning committee at West Berkshire Council to consider. The committee will meet on October 30. 

Mr Webb said: “All applications to date have been hotly debated in the village, and all views should be able to be addressed to and heard by the planning committee.”

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The council received 184 letters from members of the public about the plans: 102 objecting and 82 supporting. 

Most of the objectors agreed a new hall is needed, or at least a substantial refurbishment and extension of the existing hall. But the concerns are about how big and expensive the new hall will be.

One of the local supporters, Edward Whaley, said: “We need to move ahead with this application for the long-term good for Bradfield Southend and the nearby villages.

“The new building will provide the facilities required for a 21st century village hall, enabling more users and community groups to use the building, compared with those that do so now.” 

Bradfield Parish Council are objecting to the plans, because the new hall would be ‘too tall, big, and would mean losing green spaces’. 

A copper beech tree behind the hall could be cut down, and the height of the hedgerow in front could be reduced. But new trees could be planted in a planned community garden.