A FORMER Babestation model has spoken of her "shock" and "sadness" after a besotted fan wants to leave her £20,000 in his will.

Laura Jones who lives in Berkshire, was being tracked down by Thomas Weir who launched an appeal earlier this week to try and find her.

A lengthy search has revealed that the woman is now married with two kids and "doesn't want to take his money".

He had previously spoken to her on Babestation and said he wanted to leave her the generous inheritance sum - adding that he wasn't a "stalker".

The 50-year-old, who suffers with debilitating diabetes and MRSA infection, fears he may not have long left and thinks the glamour model would be a worthy recipient.

In 2010, Thomas spent a year chatting to Laura on the sex line and said that she was "lovely" - but couldn't leave her the money unless she was properly identified.

She stopped working for Babestation in Bristol around six year ago and is happy with her young family.

The now mum-of-two said she would be willing to speak to her admirer on the phone - but didn't want the £20,000.

She said: "I couldn't believe it, all my friends were sending me the story.

"I think I remember him. Not a lot of men gave their names and there weren't many Thomases. But I would have to hear his voice to really recognise him.

"These things happen to other people, not to me. I felt so sad when I read his story. He has been through so much.

"If he wants to talk to me over the phone then that's absolutely fine. I'm happy to talk to him again, and I don't need any money.

"He should be using that to make himself more comfortable. Or doing bucket list stuff like jumping out of aeroplanes."

She added that she did Babestation at the time "probably for the attention" but now doesn't want her family to see her doing it.

Laura said: "I don't want one of the dads at school to say he saw me on Babestation."

Thomas, from Milton Keynes, said he would be really pleased to speak to Laura on the phone.

The pair are now looking to set something up through his lawyers.

He added: "I still want her to have the money. There is no one else to leave it to."