A CHEEKY clubber ended up in court after he nicked a bouncer's clipboard - because he wasn't on the list.

Charlie Palmer, 22, from Mortimer, tried to inconvenience the club by throwing the clipboard away after he was told he couldn't come in.

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As staff from Fever and Boutique chased the self-employed chef through Basingstoke, Hampshire, he threw the clipboard away and was promptly arrested.

The incident took place in February but Palmer was hauled before Basingstoke Magistrates Court last week (Thursday October 17).

Defence solicitor Jack Beard said: "The whole thing is fairly straightforward.

"He agrees he was angry."

When the chef was arrested and searched by the police, they found he was carrying cannabis.

Appearing at court wearing a green hoodie, Palmer pleaded guilty to theft and possession of Class B drugs, and was ordered to pay a total of £225.