POLICE have enforced special stop and search powers at a fairground today after they heard two schools are planning to have a fight.

Worried parents informed West Berkshire Police of rumours that a couple of schools are planning a fight at the Michaelmas Fair later on today (October 16). 

Following a number of rumours, police decided to enforce the Public Order Act (Section 60) which temporarily allows officers powers to stop and search people for items connected with violence at a specific location.

The order was approved at 2pm and will be in place until Thursday morning at 2am (October 17).

This will cover Newbury including the town centre, Victoria Park, Northcroft Park and Goldwell Park where the Newbury Michaelmas Fair is taking place.

Supt Nicholas John, local policing area commander for West Berkshire, said: "Whilst this may sound like a dramatic measure, please do not be worried if you are stopped by an officer. Being stopped and searched does not mean you are in trouble, it is just one method that we are using to ensure weapons are kept off our streets.

"The fair has a long history in Newbury as a fun, family event and we wish it to continue to be just that. As a large local event, a policing presence was always planned for the Michaelmas Fair but we will now increase the number of officers attending in order to ensure our enhanced powers under Section 60 can be put into place.

"The local community should be reassured rather than alarmed by the increased police presence. We are encouraged that residents have contacted us, and we will continue to listen to local concerns, and act accordingly to keep Newbury a safe place to enjoy local events.

"Please feel free to speak to officers out and about with concerns that you may have, as they are there to reassure as well as keep the streets safe."