A CAVERSHAM shopkeeper who grabbed a gun from a robber and chased him out his shop has received an award for his bravery.

Satheech Elanganathan, who owns Woodcote Way News, was presented with the award by the High Sheriff of Berkshire at Reading Crown Court, yesterday (October 14).

The shopkeeper was joined by his wife and family friends including a customer present at the incident.

During the ceremony, Judge Morris recognised the "courageous" actions Mr Elanganathan took when faced with an armed robber in his shop, two years ago.

She said: "Mr Elanganathan took it upon himself, in what some might regard as a moment of madness but what was in fact a moment of bravery, to swiftly grab the gun and disarm the gunman."

She continued: "Some people are quiet hero's and do not wish to make a fuss about what they have done to help or how such an offence might have affected them.

"Thanks to the prompt and courageous actions of Mr Elanganathan, the culprit was apprehended, prosecuted and after pleading guilty, has now been sentenced for this appalling offence."

Mr Elanganathan was working in his shop when a hooded man covering his face entered in February 2017.

When asked to take his hood down, the robber refused and took out a gun pointing it at Mr Elanganathan's chest asking him to hand over all of his money.

Mr Elanganathan explained: “My mind suddenly said to me I need to push that gun away from me.

“I just grabbed it and twisted it towards him.

"The gun came onto me fully.

"So I had full control of the gun."

The robber ran out of the door and Mr Elanganathan chased him half way up the drive before calling the police.

Upon reflection, Mr Elanganathan believes how a break in at his home in 2016 helped him to remain calm throughout the incident at his shop.

He said: "Our house was so violated.

"I was so angry and then this incident happened."

When faced with the armed robber he thought "you're not going to have anything from me".

He said: “I never thought about myself and what would happen, it’s never clicked for me.”

Following Judge Morris' speech, the High Sheriff of Berkshire, Lucy Zeal, presented Mr Elanganathan with his award.

Celebrations with tea and cake followed the ceremony.