A YOUNG actress and model who bit another woman's leg was described by a judge as "animalistic" after a jury convicted her of carrying out the attack following a day at Newbury races.

Judge Sarah Campbell said that 23-year-old Eliza Peereboom's behaviour on a train travelling home from celebrating at Newbury racecourse, was deeply unpleasant.

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Her remarks were made as she tried to sentence Peereboom who stood in the dock before her at Reading Crown Court, for sinking her teeth into a woman stranger.

Reading Chronicle:

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Judge Campbell said: “I feel I am left with not many options.

"You are 23 years of age and you were found guilty of assault by beating and causing actual bodily harm while on a busy train, which in my view, was deeply unpleasant and animalistic.

“Your sarcastic demeanour could be seen on the CCTV footage as you pulled a victim's hair hard and removed it from her head in clumps.

“What ensued can only be described as a scrum and you lost control of yourself.

"Miss Marabet was trying to get past you when her leg was bitten causing a permanent scar and needing tetanus jabs.”

The judge added that Peereboom’s previous warning in 2011 for biting a police officer when she was 15 years old and her difficult upbringing, having been put in care at the age of 14, had to be taken into consideration.

The court heard that Dutch-born Peereboom currently resided with family friends in Amsterdam, causing difficulties for the Probation Service as she would be required to undertake seven hours of unpaid work a week, meaning she would have to return to the UK every weekend.

She suggested that under the exceptional circumstances she was going to defer sentencing for two months while Peereboom could either find a place to live in the UK to undertake her unpaid work or get herself a job to pay compensation.

Reading Chronicle:

During the trial, proceedings had to be halted after Peereboom sacked her barrister because she took exception to him referring to her as "looking a million dollars" as she strolled into court sporting sunglasses, high heels and smart clothes.

Talking of the defendant, he told Judge Campbell: “She is doing the best she can to feel some value, that has been her focus.”

After a pause in proceedings to allow Mr Quinton to take instructions from Peereboom, he re-entered announcing that Miss Kate Parker would defend her.