A DIVORCE Recovery Workshop is being held in Earley to help people recover from the emotional pain that relationship breakdown can bring.

The course is held at Brookside Hall, Earley, and is for men and women who are separated or divorced or who are suffering relationship breakdown but not yet separated.

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A father of two is urging more men to attend the workshop after seeing the benefits it can bring.

Graham read about the help course while waiting for a haircut at his barbers more than 20 years after his separation.

He attended the Divorce Recovery Workshop sessions and was so struck by the help given that he now helps to run the courses himself.

Reading Chronicle:

Graham, 63, who works with Wokingham borough children in care, said: “The impact of separation and divorce on men’s lives, especially if children are involved, is just as significant as it is for women.

“Generally though, I think men find it harder to talk about their feelings when separation or divorce occurs.

"DRW gives a safe, non judgemental, understanding and accepting place to do this - and to gain hope for the future.

“I urge more men to consider DRW.

"Everyone, men and women, can contact us to find out more.

"After my course I felt better, helped and supported.

“Our children were very young when we separated. The focus was on being a good parent.

“When I heard about DRW they were grown up.

"The course content is very relevant.

"It was also a nudge for me to move on to divorce after all that time.”

The course consists of two Friday evenings and two Saturdays.

It is open to people whether they’ve been married or not.

The next course is on October 18/19 and 25/26 at Brookside Hall, Earley.