A SCUBA diver from Reading organises beach clean-ups off the coast of Northumberland as part of an annual pilgrimage to scuba dive with grey seals.

John Campbell, from Reading, is a diving consultant for the PADI scuba diving centre, DiveStyle.

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Each year the DiveStyle dive club organises a scuba diving trip to the Farne Islands, so that scuba divers can take part in shallow water dives alongside the resident grey seals and whilst there the dive club always look to organise a beach clean.

Mr Campbell said: "Our oceans are in a dire condition.

"As a species, we have polluted our planet to such a point that we must take action.

"If we take the time to remove any rubbish from a beach, it will help prevent that bit of rubbish from going back into the ocean or getting into the ocean in the first place."

This year the DiveStyle scuba club visited the islands from September 14-16.

The following video was created by John Campbell.

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Whilst there, the team removed rubbish anywhere and everywhere they saw it including the beach and the ocean, before disposing of it correctly.

Mr Campbell explained: "If we have access to a beach as part of the club dive weekend, we will always make an effort to take a wander and look for rubbish to pick up, it is not a lot of effort and it is always enjoyable being out in the fresh air.

"If everyone picked up just one piece of rubbish on any outing and disposed of it correctly, imagine how much rubbish could be removed!"

Mr Campbell has also created a Facebook group, with 118 members to count, encouraging people to "get some fresh air and collect rubbish along the way" wherever that may be.

He said: "I would love to have lots of members all collecting rubbish and posting pics, we can then send the information collected about the types of rubbish to any agency that would find it of interest."

The dive club weekend and clean coincided with project AWARE week which ran from September 14-22 and saw conservation activities focused on keeping the ocean clean and healthy.