A 62-YEAR-OLD who joined WW in Lower Earley managed to lose more than two stone after being told he had Famililiar Hyperlipidemia.

Operating Department Practioner Colin Pritchard was determined to get healthy again following an appointment January 2019 with the Lipid Clinic consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital where he worked.

Colin was informed he had Famililiar Hyperlipidemia, his blood results were awful and the dangers of what could affect him if he didn't take control were scary.

He immediately joined WW (The New Weight Watchers) Central Point, Lower Earley.

Emma, his coach, explained how the Freestyle Plan worked and he left determined to get healthy and lose the weight.

With great habits in place from the start, planning healthy meals, increasing his exercise and attending the weekly workshop, Colin began to lose weight at a healthy pace.

The weight loss soon began to show.

Colin's tips for his success are to eat healthy with good portion control, mindset and exercise,

Colin even entered the 10k Race for Life in Reading.

He returned to his consultant for a review in May, knowing he had already lost 2.52 stone in weight he was hoping for a better result.

The consultant said he looked great and what ever he had been doing had changed his results dramatically.

His bad cholesterol has went from 8.6 to 3.1.

His good cholesterol had risen accordingly, but the best result was for the viscosity and stickiness of his blood fats, which were threatening to clog up his arteries.

His previous result had been 1.71, and the average person should be around 0.99/1.00.

Colin had managed to lower his to an amazing 0.61.

Colin's diabetes is now in remission and non alcoholic fatty liver disease is finally under control.

Colin now weighs 93kgs, and his goal weight is 90kg.

He is hoping this story can be told to others to encourage them to take control of their health and wellbeing.

He said: "Everyone has their own reason for joining WW but mine was definitely for health, I can now enjoy retirement and see my daughters grow and succeed."

To find out more about WW, visit www.ww.com/uk.