PRIMARY school pupils in Caversham joined in with the global climate change strikes last week with students making posters from recyclable materials to make their voices heard.

Students from The Heights primary took time out of their usual lessons on Friday (September 20) to take part in a world wide movement.

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They were joined by students from St Anne's and Thameside Primary who also took part.

Headteacher of The Heights, Karen Edwards, said: “They just wish to make a statement about how passionate they feel about climate change and the impact on the planet and that they really feel that they can make a difference and want everybody else to.”

The strikes took place across Westfield Park and Christchurch Meadows, located next to The Heights' school grounds.

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Mrs Edwards added: “The children feel empowered.

"They are taking ownership of decisions and things that are going to affect their lives in the future and I think there is a greater awareness and much stronger attitude from young people nowadays than there was certainly when I was a child and that’s really, really refreshing and I think really, really important.”

Climate change is a topic taught across the curriculum at The Heights school and each class has an elected eco councillor.

Mrs Edwards explained that eco councillors have been making badges out of recycled materials and encouraging their parents not to use cling film.

One student who is active in trying to help the planet is 10 year old Phoebe Bentley.

She said: “I really believe that we can make a change and that even small acts can make a difference and so many people are going on eco strikes today which I actually thought was amazing.”

She believes that people can make "really simple solutions” to help the environment like using reusable containers instead of cling film.

Speaking of the strikes, she said: “I feel very proud that our school is joining in with this.

"It’s so important to every single one of the people going to that strike to know that we are all together in this and we all need to make a change.”