CLIMATE change protesters are currently marching through Reading as part of a global campaign to urge governments to act on environmental issues.

Many have taken to the streets of the town, chanting 'there's no planet B', and 'what do we want? Climate justice!'

The group walked towards the Starbucks in town, where they shouted "shame on you."

Green Party councillor Brenda McGonigle described the protest as "brilliant".

Traffic has been blocked by the crowd in some areas, with drivers forced to wait for the roads to clear.

Naomi Emmerson, from Extinction Rebellion, said: "The scale and the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis is more serious than any other issue at the moment. Governments are too slow to wake up and too slow to act."

A police officer told the Chronicle that the demonstration came as a 'surprise'. He said: "We will do what we can and walk with them."

One student at Bulmershe School, Woodley, who didn't want to be named, said: "I think it's very good these people think it's very important and that everyone here is aware of climate change."

Councillor Sarah Hacker (Labour, Battle) said: "I'm here as a parent and a citizen of the earth. We have reached the point of no return." She said we need to act now to mitigate the worst effects of the climate crisis. 

William Linegar, of Reading Green party, said: "It's encouraging to know that so many people in Reading feel this passionately and strongly about what is undoubtedly the issue of our time."

Organisers said: "Our house is on fire: sound the alarm.

"The time has come for multigenerational action against climate breakdown.

"We must follow alongside the young people who have been leading the way this year. We invite all - young and old - to support this strike, and to give young people all the encouragement we can.

"In September people everywhere will walk out of their homes and workplaces together, and join young strikers in the streets to demand climate justice and emergency action to tackle the climate crisis.

"We know governments won’t do it on their own, so we’re going on #climatestrike to show them what people power is capable of.

"There is no Planet B."

Reading Chronicle:

Reading resident Alan Dunston, who was trying to drive through the town, said: "All they have done is destroy any goodwill they had.

"This morning I supported them, now I don't.

"I do not believe all these people walked. The kids should be back at school.

"I am supposed to be going to the hospital. Now we can’t get there.

"They should be doing this outside the local MPs door. All they are doing is making a lot of enemies."