THE number one coffee shop in Reading, as voted on Tripadvisor, has revealed its secret to success.

The independent shop, Tamp Culture Coffee, situated on Gun Street by The Oracle, came in top of Tripadvisor's best coffee shops in Reading with the only five star rating in town.

The shop is one of a kind and has been in Reading for just over five years.

Head barista, Ally Finn-Harriss, explained that customers often tell staff how much they enjoy their coffee and believes this is "humbling".

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In this video, Ally shows us how to make the perfect cappuccino 

She said: "It’s really nice to hear, it never gets old.

"It’s nice to know that you’re doing the right thing.”

Ally revealed what she thinks makes their coffee stand out.

She explained: “I think the main difference for us is that we roast our own coffee.

"So we take back that control in the production line, so we know that what we are using is fresh, we know that it's roasted to suit the way we’re making our coffees which is the main thing.”

Reading Chronicle:

Reading Chronicle:

The shop has two coffees on offer at a time but offer a wider selection for customers to buy and make at home.

She revealed: “We only use single origin so that’s just from one farm and you can pinpoint where your coffee is coming from.

“We normally get coffee from Central America, Africa, South America.

"We mix it up a little bit, because every coffee tastes different so it’s nice to have a good choice.”

But what's the secret to the perfect coffee?

Ally said: “Genuinely, I think you’ve got to want to make coffee for a living, take a real passion in it and it’s a craft, I think that definitely helps.

"That’s why I do it as a job.

"I really enjoy it so hopefully I can channel that into the drinks people have and they can notice the difference."

She added: “Keep coming to us if you like coffee and we’ll do our best to keep improving for you and give you a bigger selection of different coffees to showcase.”

The shop is open Monday - Saturday from 8.30am until 6pm and on Sunday's from 10am until 5pm.