A JIVE and swing band who were semi-finalists on Britain's Got Talent performed in Reading last week encouraging people to say no to drugs.

The Jive Aces performed a selection of songs on Broadstreet West on Thursday September 12 whilst supporting the campaign, Truth About Drugs.

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The band, in between touring, support the campaign which educates children as young as six on the dangers of drugs, and encourages them to stay drug-free.

Reading Chronicle:

During the concert, booklets were handed out to those who wanted them informing them of the dangers of drugs and the solutions to drug problems.

Lead singer Ian Clarkson explained: "What we are trying to do really is just say look we’re happy, we’re having fun, have some fun and don’t take drugs because they stop you having fun even though people think it’s the other way round.”

He continued: “I don’t think there’s a town centre in England now that doesn’t need the message, unfortunately.”

The band rose to fame in 2012 after reaching the semi-finals of the talent competition, Britain's Got Talent.

Since, the band have been "living the dream" which is why, Mr Clarkson explained, they "like to put something back".

Mr Clarkson explained the band performs to “make people happy”.

Their music video for Bring Me Sunshine, has had over 3 million views and was prescribed by a doctor in Seattle to cheer up patients suffering with depression.

He said: “When someone says, and people do, I was really depressed when I came this evening and you made my night, or you made my week.

"That’s really lovely to hear.”

The band have recently got back from a whirlwind 9 day tour, performing in nine cities across Europe including France, Germany and Switzerland and their next stop is Morocco.

Later in November, they will be heading to American for Thanks Giving.

Mr Clarkson said: “It’s American music so it’s such an honour and amazing that we get flown to America to tour and play their own music back to them.

“They are often quite mystified when I speak with this accent, they go why don’t you sing with that accent?”

If you would like to find out more about the band, click here.

Or go to drugfreeworld.org to download information booklets for free.