READING'S only purely vegan restaurant, set to open next month, is located next to a butchers - but the owner welcomes the diversity.

Vegivores will be the newest addition to St Martin's Precinct in Caversham, situated next door to The Caversham Butcher.

The restaurant will produce 100% plant based food and owner, Kevin Farrell, is hoping to open the eatery next month.

Mr Farrell believes St Martin's Precinct has something for everyone and welcomes this diversity.

He explained that "diversity is key to success" and believes you can't get more diverse than a vegan restaurant next to a butchers.

However, he is "very mindful" of his customers when they visit his restaurant due to its location.

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Vegivores first started trading at markets and street food events in 2017 and has also sold food at Reading FC.

It was set up by Mr Farrell who wanted to provide people with a wider variety of vegan food following a change in his own lifestyle.

He had been working as a banker and found lunches he ate out daily weren't healthy or had too much plastic packaging.

So, he decided to reduce his meat intake and eat more vegetables.

It was then that he looked into veganism and thought "that’s the way I should be living".

Despite his personal preferences, Mr Farrell explained that he is not trying to encourage people to eat less meat, but instead show them the "amazing" things they can eat at their restaurant and inspire them with new recipes.

He said: “It's not our place to tell people how they should be living.”

The restaurant will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner menus on a sit down basis as well as some fresh grab and go options for breakfast and lunch.

Mr Farrell believes that the "options are endless" for vegan meals as you have to be more creative with ingredients and wants to share his discoveries with people.

Whilst this is the only purely vegan restaurant in Reading, Mr Farrell believes it's "only a matter of time before it spreads", pointing to London as an example.

He feels that there has been an increase in the public's want for vegan food in recent years and believes there is "no reason" why this can't continue.