A LOCAL businessman who runs a fencing company and has faced months of delays in importing stock has said Parcelforce do not respond to his calls or emails.

Jay Maxwell, who runs Tempus Fugitives, said his account manager at Parcelforce does not return his emails. He said: “When I ring, the phone hangs up. 

“You used to have the option to talking to a human, but that’s now been removed.”

The company has been waiting for shipments for two months. It was set up at the start of the year, and only started trading a couple of months ago. 

The shipment is fencing blades, with no edge on them. Mr Maxwell said they are designed to be harmless. 

The shipment of fencing blades, worth thousands of pounds, are designed to be harmless and have no edge on them, Mr Maxwell said. Customers have already paid for some of the products.

He said: “If you can’t ship your deliveries, how are you supposed to be a business as an import company?

“There’s nobody to complain to. One option is a form on the Parcelforce website, but I don’t believe they will respond any quicker than emails.

“I don’t even know where my shipments are at the moment. All I know is they’re somewhere in the UK.”

Royal Mail, which owns Parcelforce, were contacted for a comment, but did not respond by the time this article was published. 

Mr Maxwell said: “I would like an apology. But they can’t fix damage to reputation. There’s problems with business leaving the UK; I’m trying to set up a new business, but I’m having these hurdles thrown in my path.”