DISABLED people in West Berkshire received £1,063,307 last year to help them stay in their own home, new data reveals. 

Disabled facilities grants are available from local councils for essential housing adaptations. West Berkshire Council gave out 114 grants in the last financial year. 

Responses to freedom of information requests sent to 73 councils in England show that spending on disabled facilities grant has grown by more than 33 per cent. 

Wokingham Council spent the lowest on these grants on average, at £397,948, based on data from 2014 to 2019. 

Hollie-Anne Brooks, who campaigns for disability rights, became disabled a year ago, and has spoken with many people who have had their lives changed by the grants.

She said: “Although I haven’t personally applied for a grant, I know full well the positive impact they can have on a person’s life. 

“Small changes matter a great deal and something that may seem minor can have such an enriching impact on the life of a disabled person — both from an accessibility point of view but also in terms of their mental health.

“Though it’s great that the money is available when people need to access it, one of the major problems we currently have with the grant is awareness. 

“Although it’s positive to see that spending across councils on disabled facilities grants generally seems to be increasing, it’s critical that the people who need it most are aware that these life-changing grants are available to them.”

The freedom of information requests were sent on behalf of A Wood Idea, which is a retailer of hardwood doors, flooring, staircases and other wooden household fittings.