READING'S own wheelchair sport superstar, Angus Spiers, took part in the WCMX World Championships earlier this month in Cologne, Germany (August 31 to September 1).

The eight-year-old from Emmer Green was ranked 5th in the WCMX Championships Junior Division – which was his debut professional contest.

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The Thameside Primary School pupil has aspirations to become one of the global leaders of WCMX, wheelchair motocross, which is the wheelchair equivalent of skateboarding.

The sport was made famous by his heroes, the current WCMX champions Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham and Lily Rice (who took Gold in the Women's WCMX in Cologne).

Angus, who was born with Spina Bifida, is one of a number of wheelchair users who are part of a growing movement to have WCMX recognised as a Paralympic sport.

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Last year, Angus became interested in trying out WCMX and ultimately took on a challenge to raise money for a lightweight chair to allow him to start out in WCMX and participate more speedily with his friends in the playground.

This was a massive success and he completed his sponsored 8 mile roll between Reading and Sonning, raising over £3K from generous community members, family and friends to purchase his dream wheelchair.

After receiving his new chair, Angus took to the skatepark to try out some moves.

With the help of his brothers he filmed a demo video of his WCMX beginnings which led to him being noticed by key figures in the WCMX world.

Having seen his determination and drive, The Princes Gate Trust agreed to fund an incredible bespoke WCMX sports chair from RMA Sport in Wales (currently the only UK made WCMX chairs).

Fast forward a year and WCMX has transformed Angus’ life – upon being ranked 5th in his division Angus said with determination: "Next year I’m going to get a medal!"

Angus and his family are particularly grateful for the help, support, coaching and encouragement they have received from Mark, Lily and the Rice family.

Follow Angus’s exploits on Insta @anguswcmx