READING'S Rafina Cafe has two new owners who want to continue the 40+ year old cafe's legacy.

Married couple, Justyna and Adam, took over as the owners of Rafina on West Street, four weeks ago.

This is their first business venture together and they explained they "just love the place".

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Justyna said: “We loved the coffee place straight away and when we walked in and had the conversation with the owner, he was very kind and very supportive, and he did say that he liked us from the beginning.”

She continued: “We saw the potential in this place.

"This place has been here for over 40 years and we do want to continue the legacy.”

Former owner, Andy, ran the cafe for over 40 years and during the couple's first week, went in early every morning to show them the ropes.

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Justyna explained that their venture has been "exciting".

She said: “Definitely the first week was challenging and that was also festival week.

"But every week has been exciting and it’s going well I think so far.”

The couple revealed they are looking to expand the menu, but will not be removing any of the existing items and the pricing will stay the same.

They are considering introducing paninis, baguettes and pancakes and also a bigger variety for children such as fish fingers and chips.

The couple feel "blessed" with the support they have received from regulars.

Justyna said: “Thank you to those who have been supportive so far to us, that’s really important to us.”

One regular customer, David Roth, who sits on table 2, has welcomed the couple giving the cafe an 11/10.

He said: "I go in there six days a week, have done for six years.

"Apart from six weeks in Australia, when I couldn’t wait to get back and have a proper English breakfast."

The only change to the cafe are its opening times where it will open earlier and stay open later.

Monday to Saturdays they are open from 8am - 6pm and on Bank Holidays they are open 10am - 4pm.