RESIDENTS living in a block of flats in Reading have suffered for months from problems with their rubbish, rats, and a broken front door. 

The communal bin store at Belford Court, Laud Close, has two large bins for rubbish of 12 block of flats. Residents said one bin has been full for six months. 

The store has a lock on it, so only those with a code can use it, however this lock is broken. The bin store also has several old full bags of rubbish piled up on the floor in the corner, attracting rats. 

One woman who lives there, who asked not to be named said: “If the bins are full, I have to double up black bags to stop rats chewing threw them. It’s disgusting.”

Another resident, who also asked not to be named, said the bin men refused to empty the bin which has been full for six months—because of the health and safety risk of there being too much rubbish.

As well, the block’s front door has been broken for several months. The buzzer system doesn’t work, the door is not secure, and mail is being stolen. 

One resident said the postman is aware of their mail being stolen, so he tries to keep their post safe, knocking on the doors to the individual flats. 

Belford Court is managed by the housing association One Housing. A property manager from the association will be meeting with residents on September 5, so they can show her the problems.

Chyrel Brown, chief operating officer for One Housing, said: “We take the concerns and safety of our residents very seriously. As a responsible landlord, we have written to the residents and will be meeting with them to look into the issues that have been raised. 

“We will then work together with them to make sure the appropriate action is being taken. If residents experience any further issues then they can get in touch by calling 0300 123 9966, emailing us at or tweeting us @AskOneHousing”. 

One resident said: “Hopefully we can get those problems resolved. It sounds like they’re now actually doing something for the residents. It’ll be really good to have someone on the ground to show them all of this.” 

Residents at Belford Court were paying thousands of pounds for lift maintenance, despite not having a lift. One Housing recently apologised and refunded those affected.