Plans for accommodation for dozens of students near London Road are set to be rejected by Reading Borough Council (RBC).

Silver Street Developments wants to develop three student accommodation buildings (one-storey, two-storey and four-storey) with 79 studio rooms at 40-68 Silver Street.

The developer already has planning permission for 56 student studio rooms at 79 Silver Street, just across the road from the proposed site.

The plans will be voted on by the council’s Planning Applications committee this week.

RBC planning officer Alison Amoah said the application should be refused planning permission “for failing to provide an acceptable design, for leading to a loss of amenity for neighbours and future tenants and for failing to provide for a mixed and balanced community”.

Additionally, RBC transport officers have raised concern about the lack of parking at the proposed site.

The developer has included zero parking at 40-68 Silver Street, while the approved development at 79 Silver Street has three parking spaces.

Half a dozen residents living in the area have also objected to the development, raising concern about over-development in the area, anti-social behaviour and access to sunlight.

One resident said: “The approval of a further 79 student studios directly opposite 40-68 Silver Street will bisect and transform the lower end of Silver St into a student enclave.

“The sites at 40 and 60-68 Silver Street should be used to alleviate the local housing shortage and to maintain the character of the Silver St neighbourhood.”

Another said: “There is no longer the demand for additional student accommodation in Reading.

“This is also a small site where 79 units is a significant over development. We need housing for families, not for students.”

The site was previously occupied by two buildings, which have been demolished.

The Planning Applications committee meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 4 at 630pm.