A YOUNG boy from Emmer Green has been given the all clear from cancer, his mother has announced.

Charlie Ilsley, 12, who took part in Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer Campaign last year, underwent treatment for brain and secondary spinal cancer in Turkey, which cost more than £81,000.

His parents had hoped this surgery had cleared their son of cancer after doctors in Turkey explained he was "stable".

Despite being hopeful, they were concerned there might be microscopic cancer cells left.

To prevent the cancer from returning, Charlie is now having Immunotherapy in Germany, which costs a total of £47,000.

So far, he has had one round of treatment with around five sessions left.

Upon returning home from his first trip in July, Charlie underwent a scan where doctors from the NHS revealed there was no cancer left.

Toni Ilsley, Charlie's mother, explained that not only did the doctors provide this amazing news, but also said that Charlie was "unbelievably well".

Claire Brown from the Cotswold's has been instrumental in raising money for Charlie's treatment organising an online auction and most recently taking part in a Tough Runner 10K.

She first heard of Charlie's plight on Channel 4's Celebrity Bake Off and felt compelled to help him.

Ms Brown took part in the Cotswolds Trail 10K at Sudeley Castle yesterday (September 1) in a bid to raise £1000.

Taking part with her sister and friend, she managed to raise £720.

She said: "It was very tough due to hilly terrain which is notoriously challenging but we completed it and it was so worth it!

"There is still some way to go with funding this, the family needs £40,000 to pay his medical bills and the cost of the accommodation and travel. "Charlie has recently been given the all clear which is amazing news, but he needs to complete the treatment as it will give him the best chance of staying cancer-free, so more trips to Germany are planned until he completes it."

Mrs Ilsley is grateful for all of Claire's support explaining she is "unbelievable" and gone above and beyond what they ever expected.

She said: "It's people like Claire, complete strangers, that make you realise people in the world care.

"She doesn't realise what she's done."

Mrs Ilsley added that her family think about Claire everyday.

She also expressed her gratitude for her cousin, Karen Williams, who has also been key in helping to raise money for Charlie's treatment.

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