With Reading Festival just around the corner we've thought of ten items YOU need to pack in order to have a great time.

Here is our Reading Festival Survival Kit.

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1. Wet wipes

These can be a saviour, keeping you clean and fresh during your weekend of camping. Great for wiping off all that festival paint and glitter and cleaning up anything and everything.

2. Antibacterial gel

It's unlikely you'll be able to shower at the festival so make sure you pack some antibac to keep those germs away.

3. Suncream

This weekend is expected to see highs of 22 degrees so make sure you protect yourself from those rays.

4. Umbrella

Just in case the sun decides to hide for a while.

5. Torch

A torch can be a life saver when walking round the camp site at night time, especially when trying to find your tent. It also saves your phone battery if you don't use its torch!

6. Portable phone charger

Speaking of your phone, be sure to bring a portable charging power bank, you'll never know when you'll be able to find a plug and you want to be sure to record all your memories.

7. Wellies/waterproof shoes

You'll be doing a lot of walking and dancing on what is likely to be a muddy field, so be sure to wear comfortable waterproof shoes you don't mind getting dirty.

8. Reusable water bottle

Festivals can be thirsty work so make sure to stay hydrated every day by bringing your own reusable bottle. It'll also help save the pennies and planet as you cut down on single use plastics.

9. Warm and waterproof clothes

Although the weather is expected to be mild this weekend there is a chance of rain so be sure to pack waterproof clothes as well as warm clothes for the evening.

10. First Aid Kit

Just in case you need some plasters.