AS 105,000 people prepare to descend on St John’s Farm for a fun filled weekend at Reading Festival, we wanted to see what happens to the camping equipment left on site when the fun ends.

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So where do the thousands and thousands of abandoned tents, camping chairs and mattresses go when festival goers pack up and leave?

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Any recyclable items will be sent to a local material recovery facility that will separate them into different materials before they are sent for reprocessing.

If they are not recyclable, they will either be sent to energy from waste or landfill.

However, around 5% of the total are suitable to be salvaged by charities and local organisations for repurposing.

Groups involved include the Scouts, Girl Guides, schools and church groups, Help for Refugees, Reading Homeless, Hidden Homeless and Adventure Plus.

Only 5% of the tents left behind can be collected by charities due to their condition, unsuitability and time scale.

Reading Festival organisers, Festival Republic, are therefore encouraging people to take their tents home to prevent them from ending up in landfill.

They are launching a new service, FestivalBag, that delivers festivalgoers tents and camping equipment straight to the festival and sends it home afterwards.

Environmental campaigners, Extinction Rebellion Reading (XRR) are also encouraging people to do their bit for the environment.

They believe that the abandonment of thousands of camping equipment is a form of ‘ecocide’ described as “the destruction of the natural environment, especially when deliberate”.

Acting against this, the group will be present throughout the festival with volunteers running a print station and engaging with young people to encourage them to do their bit in protecting the planet.

A spokesman from XRR believes people need to “wake up” when it comes to saving the planet.

They said: “The ice in Greenland has melted, unprecedented electric storms over the North Pole signal disaster, our world is coming to an end. You have Planet Power – use it to make a difference. The time for living selfishly is over.”