A PETITION calling for better plastic recycling in West Berkshire has been signed by more than 1,500 people.

The petition is calling on West Berkshire Council to improve the collection and recycling of domestic plastic waste, and provide better communication on recycling.

It is also calling for research into alternative and more ecological approaches to managing domestic plastic waste in West Berkshire. 

Now that more than 1,500 people sign the petition, the council will have to debate it. 

The petition states: “Some local residents have tried to compensate by offering collection points at their homes and then driving cars full of plastics to collection bins at Sainsbury’s in Reading.

“This is not sustainable, and these people and businesses have become overrun with the volume of plastics being deposited, posing significant issues in terms of storage, handling and health risks.”

It mentions other councils like Stroud and Oxford, which have ‘excellent kerbside collections’. 

Currently in West Berkshire, residents separate rubbish before it is collected, but the only plastic accepted is plastic bottles. Any other type of plastic left at the kerbside is sent for incineration.

The petition was set up by Sukey Russell-Hayward, from the Thatcham and Newbury plastic-free, recycling and zero waste group. She said: “This needs to change. 

“We believe the council should manage plastics in kerbside collections which reflect the current environmental requirements and research more ecological approaches to handling plastic waste rather than incineration.

“West Berkshire is a very affluent county and we should be leading the way with recycling, not working with out of date processes.”  

The petition was started on July 31 and runs until September 4. If you live, work, or study in West Berkshire you can sign the petition on the council website.