Two furry little babies have made their entrance into the world and are rapidly stealing the hearts of staff at a zoo in West Berkshire.

Dusty the snowy owl chick is now five weeks old and is being nursed by zookeepers at Beale Wildlife Park in Lower Basildon.

As Dusty is only young, it is not clear if Dusty is a male or female snowy owl, but the zookeepers have fallen in love with the fluffy chick.

Dusty's sibling is being looked after by their parents who live in the snowy owl enclosure of the park, as staff wanted to relieve the couple of some of the pressure of raising two boisterous chicks.

With Dusty's thick feathers, the August heat has been testing on the baby owl, who comes from a family used to the chills of the Arctic tundra.

Smitten with their new feathered friend, the zookeepers have been getting creative with keeping the chick cool in the hot weather.

Dusty's favourite place to sit at the moment is in front of a large fan where the owl's soft feathers can be seen gently blowing in the breeze.

And little Dusty is already proving to be quite the character, posing up a storm for the zookeepers in front of a camera.

There's snow doubt this winged wonder will be a hit with the visitors when the owl comes to join it's family in the snowy owl enclosure in the months to come.