A NEW 85-bed care home could seen be built in Tilehurst amid concerns of increased traffic and inadequate car parking spaces. 

The care home, which will provide nursing and residential care, will be on Stonehams farm, on Long Lang. The old farm buildings, currently not used, will be demolished. 

The developer received permission to build the care home after councillors voted on August 7 at a planning committee meeting at West Berkshire Council.

However, Tilehurst parish council objects to the plans. Its vice chair, Councillor Clive Taylor (Lab, Birch Copse), said at the meeting that the site could be used for family housing instead. He said there is already another care home nearby which is only two-thirds full. 

The parish council is also concerned about the lack of parking spaces and the increased traffic on Long Lane which the care home would cause. 

However, Hannah Pearce, representing the developer, said there would be 38 car parking spaces, more than the amount of staff working there on one shift. She also said it was ‘extremely unlikely’ that residents would have their own cars. 

Michael Butler, a council planning officer, said: “There is undersupply of care home beds across the district of a considerable number. Even if this application is built, there will continue to be a considerable undersupply. 

“There is a need and demand for this. The economic and social benefits are clear.”

Cllr Graham Pask (Con, Bucklebury) said: “There appears to be a need that we need such care homes. Sadly, but that’s where we are.”

Next to the planned care home is another development, with permission to build 66 homes.