PLANS to revamp and rename a Brakspear owned pub in Caversham have been met with mixed reactions.

The Prince of Wales on Prospect Street will join the Dodo Pub Co. family and be renamed The Last Crumb.

The decision to change the pub’s name has been met with mixed reactions from our readers.

Lynda Taylor, on Facebook, said: “The most ridiculous name for a pub. Why change it in the first place?”

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Peter Posselwhite and Ieuan Davies both said the name was “awful”.

Similarly, Christine Marriott said: “Should keep the name, the crumb sounds stupid.”

Whilst David Talbot believes “pub names are sacrosanct and should never be interfered with”.

The Dodo Pub Co. explained their reasoning behind The Last Crumb.

They said: "When we take on a site we like to breathe new life into it, which is why we introduce a new name for the pub’s new chapter alongside a new look.

“We’ve renamed every pub we’ve taken on.

“We think very carefully before choosing a name. With this pub we wanted to honour Reading’s biscuit making industry and also think it sounds pretty cool to say; ‘We're going down The Crumb’.

“We are all about the community and neighbourhood which our pubs are a part of and we absolutely want regulars who love The Prince of Wales to feel at home.

"We hope they’ll like what we have planned, we’re really excited to bring the Dodo Pub Co. to Caversham.”

Other readers have expressed their approval for the new name.

Joyce Kelly said: “I think that’s not too bad a name for a pub!”

Whilst others are excited to visit the refurbished pub.

Faye Newman said: “I’m excited. Be nice to see the changes made – something fresh!”

Likewise, Rosemary Muirhead said: “Will be great to have a Dodo Pub locally, will be first at the door.”

The renovated pub will open its doors towards the end of the year and will encompass the Dodo Pub Co’s quirky and inviting style.