BORIS Johnson may have been selected as the future Prime Miniser, but Jeremy has a different vote on a more local level.

A llama from the University of Reading has been named following a 24-hour Twitter poll calling for people to vote on either naming the llama Boris or Jeremy.

Jeremy ended up as the favourite, with 69 per cent of the vote.

Reading Chronicle:

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The new addition to the university could help scientists develop the next generation of life-saving medicines.

The online ballot sought to name the newest arrival to its herd of llamas, which provide antibodies crucial to an innovative new area of medical research.

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The cria’s older herdmates have already helped research into cystic fibrosis and heart disease.

This work sits alongside other research involving animals at the University of Reading aimed at tackling some of the biggest global health challenges, including dementia, epilepsy and cardiovascular disease.