This week’s Letter from Westminster has been written exclusively by Reading East MP Matt Rodda:

During the last few weeks there has been a lull on Brexit while the Conservative Party has held its leadership election, however, with a decision immanent Brexit is likely to be in the news again soon.

I am very concerned about the effect of leaving the European Union on local businesses, the NHS and other public services and on our community as a whole.

And, I was pleased with Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement that Labour will support a second referendum and campaign for Remain in such a referendum.

I am also pleased that Labour and MPs from across the House of Commons have been working to oppose a no deal Brexit.

There is a real danger that a new Prime Minister my try to prorogue Parliament, to try to allow a no deal Brexit to happen by stopping Parliament from taking action to prevent this outcome. It is important that Parliament takes steps to protect the proper functioning of Parliamentary Democracy against such a step and to allow it to try to stop a no deal Brexit.

Last week MPs passed an amendment which will help assert the right of Parliament to meet and I was proud to have been able to support this. The effect of this is to make the Government have to report to Parliament in October in the weeks before the UK is due to leave the EU, meaning that Parliament has to be sitting at the time.

I hope this and other pressure will encourage a new Prime Minister to think again about no deal.

And, I m calling for a wider rethink of Government policy. It is clear that the promises made by Leave during the referendum are not possible and given this and the difficulty of agreeing how to leave the EU, I believe any deal should be put back to the public in a second referendum and I would campaign for Remain in such a referendum.