CHRISTCHURCH meadows is still damaged following a beer festival 11 weeks ago, despite the council previously saying repair work would be finished by the end of June.

A month ago, Reading Borough Council said the repair work will be done ‘as soon as possible, with an anticipated completion date of the end of June’.

But damage to the grass is still visible. There are several tracks running through the meadow where cars and vans have driven across. 

A council spokeswoman said: “The reinstatement works at Christchurch meadows are substantially complete.

“There are a few minor pieces of work outstanding which, for practical reasons, we have combined with the reinstatement work we carrying out following Readipop festival last weekend.”

However, Jason Collie, who walks to work every day through the meadows, doesn’t believe this recent comment. 

He said: “That statement is untrue. There has been a tiny amount of work started. It’s an absolute nonsense.”

Mr Collie said he believes around 18 per cent of the area damaged by metal tracks have had new topsail laid on it. 

A temporary metal road is laid down on the meadow each year for tents and drinks to be delivered to the Reading Beer & Cider Festival, organised by the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra). 

Freedom of information requests submitted by Mr Collie show that last year, RBC invoiced Camra for £960 to pay for repairs to the meadow. Camra paid the council on November 7. 

But the council did not repair the damage and also did not refund Camra the £960. They agreed the money would be used as credit towards any work needed after this year’s festival. 

Mr Collie previously said: “We have seen the council promise it was going to carry out repairs several times before, so people can judge that on their record.”