AN AMERICAN themed plant-based restaurant has closed its doors in Reading’s Oracle.

Miami Burger, located inside the shopping centre, announced on Facebook that their restaurant was closing, yesterday.

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The restaurant was a test kitchen which the company used to trial food and drink on the public.

Miami Burger’s aim was to serve recipes that were 100% meat free, by using plant-based ingredients such as beans, grains and veggies but still with an “amazing taste”.

The Facebook post said: “It’s been an amazing 6 months but today we say goodbye to our Reading Test Kitchen restaurant.

“We’ve had so much support from customers from as far away as New Zealand to as close as East Prospect Park.”

The restaurant sells their burger ranges to supermarkets and pride themselves on using sustainably sourced packaging with zero plastic in their supermarket sales and in their restaurant.

The post continued: “Testing out our food / drink has enabled us to build a fabulous funnel of exciting products to bring to the supermarkets (& other restaurants) in the coming months- patties are just the start of a yummy range!”

Reviews on Trip Advisor scored the vegan friendly restaurant a 4.5/5.

One recent reviewer said it was their “new favourite place” and the food had made them consider choosing a vegan diet.

Another said the food was “as good, if not better” than other vegan restaurants they had tried in LA and London.

As with all reviews, there were some recent negative comments with one reviewer explaining it was “the blandest burger” they had ever had.

The closure of their Reading restaurant is not the end for the company.

The restaurant told customers to "watch this space" as they “will be partnering with another company that will be selling our burgers across the UK via UberEats”

They added: “Thanks again for your amazing support - love, Miami Burger Restaurant.”