LOCAL Love Island fans have been forming their opinions of newbie to the villa and Reading model, India Reynolds.

The glamour model joined contestants on Tuesday, July 16, and it didn't take long for her to joke about her hometown.

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Speaking in her first episode, she said of Reading that is was "not very interesting".

She seems to have made a good first impression on fans, with several taking to Twitter to speak about the newcomers and their predictions for the remainder of the series.

One posted: 'I want Chris and India to get together, their humour matches but I kinda want Ovie to stay with Amber, but think Amber and Greg could be good together! Harley to go home! #loveisland', with another saying 'Chris & India are already a fave.'

Tweeters were also excited about the 28-year-old's Reading connections.

Reading Chronicle:

One posted on the social media site: 'Yasssssss, India repping Reading!'

It seems that some locals were offended by India's snide remarks about their town though, with several jokingly coming to Reading's defence.

One said: 'India I will not allow this slandering of the beautiful hub of culture that is Reading.

'This is unacceptable!'

Reading Chronicle:

Another said: 'I'm sorry but India is not a true Reading girl, she hasn't got any photos of her in the Purple Turtle.'

One local said: 'India has to go, can't insult Reading like that.'