THREE primary schools in West Berkshire have asked for extra funding because they are in financial difficulty. 

St Finian’s Catholic, Cold Ash, has asked West Berkshire Council for an extra £35,500. Of this, £30,000 is to cover the loss of funding due to fewer pupils at the school, and long-term sickness of teaching staff. 

The rest of the money will cover redundancy costs the school has to pay. With the extra funding, St Finian’s hopes to be out of budget deficit in two years. 

St Joseph’s Catholic, Newbury, has asked the council for £10,299. This is also to cover redundancy costs. With the funding the school hopes to avoid going into deficit. 

Kintbury St Mary’s Church of England, has asked for £31,300. This is because of the unplanned and uninsured absence of its headteacher. With the bid the school plans to avoid deficit. 

The schools’ bids were approved by the council’s school forum, a meeting of headteachers and councillors, on July 15. 

Ian Pearson, head of education for the council, said at the meeting: “Each of these three were subject to interrogation.”