THE headteacher of a Wokingham Catholic school has been accused of posting a picture online depicting a man wearing a t-shirt which reads ‘mr. I f*** kids’.

The Chronicle has obtained a screenshot of an Instagram post allegedly made by Nikki Peters, headteacher of St Teresa’s Catholic Academy.

Reading Chronicle:

But the Trust running the school told the Chronicle “no further action” will be taken after it investigated the incident.

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One parent of a child attending the academy, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Chronicle: “If the image of the young men is true, then am I alone in thinking that it is utterly appalling for the headteacher of a Catholic School to have done so?

“If true, what on Earth is the headteacher of a Catholic Primary school doing affirming a picture which has the statement ‘mr. I f**k kids’ on it?

“Has mocking paedophilia become a source of amusement?

“How can someone whose paramount and absolute first duty is to safeguard children, find that even remotely funny?”

“Child sex abuse is not funny. How can anyone think it is? How can anyone directly involved with child safety think it is?”

The post appears to show four men recreating a famous scene from TV comedy The Inbetweeners, with three others in the photo wearing T-shirts reading ‘mr. ladykiller’, ‘mr.big ***’ and ‘mr.rebound’.

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A spokeswoman for the Frassati Catholic Academy Trust, which runs St Teresa’s, told the Chronicle: “The Frassati Multi Academy Trust is aware of an alleged incident.

“Following investigation in line with our policies and procedures it has been concluded that no further action is needed."

This post is the latest in a long line of alleged issues surrounding the leadership of the school which have been concerning the parent, including missed masses, high staff turnover, changes to class names and more.

In May, Hans Daems, Chair of the Trust, sent a letter to parents and teachers which claimed a new priest would be taking Mass “for the foreseeable future.''

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This came after the Trust “upheld a complaint” allegedly against the incumbent priest following “an enquiry in response to a grievance”.