A peri peri restaurant has been served enforcement notices after a councillor called for an end to the ‘noxious fumes’ coming from its extraction unit.

Manzano’s Peri Peri, on Oxford Road, is known for having changed its name twice after complaints of intellectual property theft.

Councillor Tony Page, lead member for Planning, hit out at the restaurant at the Reading Borough Council’s (RBC) Planning Applications committee last month when discussing an application for a new indoor market at Broad Street Mall.

He raised concerns that the market would cause similar problems to the peri peri restaurant, which is on the other side of the mall, but was assured by officers that conditions placed on the planning permission would prevent this.

Cllr Page said: “I think we as local councillors would want to ensure that any lessons from that site are used to prevent any repeats of the substandard extraction unit that belches out noxious fumes along the Oxford Road and has been generating complaints from the offices above.”

A council spokesman said: “The council’s approach is to work with local businesses in the first instance.

“Where this does not bring about improvements, or in more serious instances, formal action is considered.

“In the case of the smoke and odour issues at Manzano’s Peri Peri, we have already taken formal action in the form of statutory notices.

“The council received a proposal from the business for a resolution and asked for further detail on this by the end of last week.

“RBC is in the process of examining the detail of their proposal which it has now received, before it considers whether to take subsequent action.

“If a satisfactory response is not received and the nuisance continues, the council will prepare a file for its legal services team to consider whether to prosecute the business.”

The peri peri restaurant was previously known as Fernando’s but underwent a makeover after a dispute with Nando’s, changing its name to Fernandez Peri Peri.

Owner Azam Aziz was then served with another intellectual property rights notice from Fernandez Grillhouse, in Leicestershire, and the name and branding was changed again to Manzano’s Peri Peri.

The cost of the latest rebrand, which came into action on May 8, was around £6,000, while the first redesign cost £8,500.

Manzano’s Peri Peri has been approached for comment.