A group of travellers has been removed from John Rabson Recreation Ground by the police.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) used s61 powers to remove the encampment yesterday.

One group has moved to Long Barn Lane.

Councillor Ashley Pearce said: "Councillor Sophia James, Reading Borough Council (RBC) and Thames Valley Police have worked quickly to help with this issue and will work on to resolve any travellers on Long Barn Lane also."



The group had been at the site for six days, arriving on Friday (June 28), and the council said there were up to 15 associated vehicles at the site.

Dave Soper, who had earlier raised concern about the encampent, said: "Great that Rabsons appears to be free of caravans. Thanks to all involved.

"Great to see local families using the playground. Not great to see RBC employees having to clear up mess at local taxpayers expense."



Police have discretionary section 61 powers to remove unauthorised encampments, which they decide based on guidance such as whether there is a danger to life or disruption to the local economy.

The amount the council has spent on tackling unauthorised encampments in Reading has risen by 450 per cent in the last five years.

This has risen partly due to a six-figure investment into defensive measures to keep out travellers.

However, clean ups have been the biggest expense over the five years, with more than £170,000 spent on clearing land following encampments.

The figures were revealed through a Freedom of Information (FOI ) request earlier this year.

The government is currently considering measures to make it easier for police to remove illegal encampments.