LEWIS Capaldi made headlines at Glastonbury last weekend for reasons other than his singing, but an infamous t-shirt he wore was made right here in Reading.

Capaldi entered the stage on one of the hottest days of the year, wearing a parka coat and bucket hat, before revealing a t-shirt with Noel Gallagher’s face planted in the middle of a love heart.

This gentle mocking comes as part of Lewis’ response to the Oasis singer asking, “Who’s this Capaldi fella?” earlier this year.

Few people know that this amusing t-shirt was made by a production company based right here in Caversham.

The Allotment Space, set up by Rob Scrace and Alex Bailey in August 2017, produces merchandise for the music industry.

Rob revealed they have been producing Capaldi’s merchandise for the past two years, including his ‘Lew roll’ – toilet paper plastered with his face.

He said: “It’s helped by the fact the time we started working with him was before he blew up.”

Last week, the company received an email from Capaldi’s management team labelled as top secret.

It explained that Capaldi wanted a “very elite shirt” made for Glastonbury with designs attached.

They had just a few days to bring the shirt to life before Capaldi took to the world stage to show it off as part of his latest gag against Gallagher.

When Capaldi stepped out, Rob simply said: “Ahhhh there it is.”

He added: “It’s cool to see it out there.

“You still get a bit of a buzz.

“You almost want to tap people and say we did that.”

Rob thinks the 22-year-old Scottish singer is “hilarious” and they “look forward to the next crazy design that comes in”.